Presidents in Korea

March 4, 2022
John Smith

The President of the Republic of Korea acts as both the head of state and the head of government for the country. If you’ve ever wondered how this position came to be and how presidents are elected, keep reading to discover more about the political system in Korea.


The History of Korean Presidents

Upon the establishment of the Government of the Republic of Korea in 1948, Korea has had a president in place as the top leader within the country. Since this time, there have been twelve different presidents, who between them have served nineteen terms ruling the country. A couple of years into the first president Syngman Rhee’s term, the outbreak of the Korean War began in 1950. The political instability of this time was a major characteristic of his term, but the authoritarianism of his ruling continued for many years after his resignation.

Korean Presidential Elections

As far as how the presidents are elected in South Korea, the country uses a single round plurality system. Each president will serve five years, with an upcoming election scheduled for 9 March 2022. The main four parties in the country include the Democratic, People Power, People, andJustice, but there are minor parties competing for the title as well. The SouthKorean constitution restricts candidates to only one term, so they can’t be re-elected following their five years.

The upcoming election will take place on a national level, but the country also has other local elections every four years for governors and mayors. Anyone over the age of 19 is able to vote, but as with any country in the world, non-citizens have to meet certain criteria to participate. The upcoming election has received a lot of attention across the country, and we wills hortly find out who will be the new president of South Korea.

Past Presidents in South Korea

Since 1948, the country has continually had a president in place as the primary leader of South Korea. This is the complete list of past and current presidents of the country:

·     Rhee, Syngman(1948–60)

·     Yun, Po-Sun (1960–62)

·     Park, Chung-Hee (1963–79)

·     Choi, Kyu-Hah (1979–80)

·     Chun, Doo-Hwan (1980–88)

·     Roh, Tae-Woo (1988–93)

·     Kim, Young-Sam (1993–98)

·     Kim, Dae-Jung (1998–2003)

·     Ro,h Moo-Hyun (2003–08)

·     Lee, Myung-Bak (2008–13)

·     Park, Geun-Hye (2013–17)

·     Moon, Jae-In (2017– 2022)

.     Yoon, suk-yeol(2022-)


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