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K-Kidz Magazine Earth Issue Cover

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Volume 1: Earth

Celebrating Earth Day, the feature article for Issue 1, introduces some of the environmental issues in Korea. Children will gain a better understanding of Korean culture by getting to know how Koreans protect the environment and how they enjoy and interact with nature. In addition, you will enjoy some traditional Korean activities, such as coloring nails with Balsam and making Hwa-Jeon, a flower cake.

Each issue of the magazine highlights an important aspect of Korean culture. These themes are brought to life through illustrated stories, fun facts, and activities families can do together.

In this issue:
• South Korean Arbor Day, Sil-mog-il
• Beautiful Mountains of South Korea
• Asian Black Bear from Jirisan National Park
• We Saved Our Ocean Together
• Where Does Our Trash Go?
• How South Korea is Recycling Its Way to Sustainability
• Short Story: The Spirits Around Us
• Flower Rice Cake Recipe
• Coloring with Garden Balsam
• Fun Facts about South Korea
• and Much more!

K-Kidz is the best! I love learning about where my family came from.

Desmond, 9