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Vol 2

Vol 2: The Family Issue

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Korean families have a culture of sacrificial love and affection. At an early age, children learn to respect their elders and show good manners within their families. Through the articles in the magazine, children will learn about Korea’s traditional family culture and have time to think about their own family dynamics. In addition, we have prepared various activities that they can do with their family for fun, such as making a hyodo list, interviewing parents, calculating the degrees of kinship among their relatives, and learning a bibimbap recipe. It’s a terrific way to learn more about Korean family traditions and spend time getting closer to each other!
  • Feature story: The traditional Korean family and the Hyo culture
  • Let's Do Hyodo
  • May is a family month in South Korea
  • How degrees of kindship are calculated in South Korea
  • Family titles in South Korea
  • Jesa, the Korean culture of giving courtesy to ancestors
  • Family vacation spot: Jeon-Ju
  • Bibimbap, a food that unites everyone
  • Cooking is fun: Bibimbap
  • The love of the emperor penguin dad
  • Short story: The gems that go unnoticed
  • What is my birthstone?
  • Korean poems
  • Fun facts about Korean names
  • More activities

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